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Successful dating tips and advice

What not to say or ask? This advice concerns women only. Even if a dating site shows that it's more or less to find millionaires, it's never appropriate to ask what car they drive or which mansion they own, etc. This is a deal-breaker for many, because either (a) you're going for a battle of "who's got the bigger wallet" or (b) it's just too obvious that you're in it, only to see how fat their wallet really is- it's an obvious turn off so don't do it! For those ladies who have a powerful occupational title- it's a terrible idea to bring out the masculine side in you on a first date. Leave your work title at work! Be a woman- even if we hate sexist pigs, it doesn't mean that we can't be lady-like at the same time. I'm sure that whoever you're meeting can read your business car if you're so desperate to tell him- and besides, it will definitely come up rather earlier in the conversation in the typical, "so what do you do?" question. Wearing the most expensive dress you own is another story, however. Looking your best will not only give you a confidence boost, which is a highly attractive feature, but it also does put a halo on you. If you want to steal the spotlight, make sure you dress like a princess (and no, not like you're going to prom). Men have wants and so do women. No one has to put theirs last or first. It's just a matter of at least the first or second date where one phrase you say may ruin any chances you have to see them again. Don't be scared to be a little more extraordinary, but also don't be bland- no one will remember a person who just blends into the background.

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